Cup Returns


If you still have a cup which you won in 2020, please contact the relevant Section Head using the contact form on this website.


Emsworth Carol & Ian Frogley  01243 375587
Horndean Gemma Billington 07949 237177
Meon Valley Gwenda Dearsley  01489 890279
Petersfield Angela Kinsey 01730 265496

Please telephone or liaise via text message before delivering a cup or trophy, so you can hand it over in person. 

If there is no reply from the person you contact and they have an answer phone, please leave a message.

At no time should it be left on a doorstep, windowsill or in a porch. 

Should a cup or trophy be lost or stolen, the Festival Management Board will hold the winner responsible for replacing it; please inform the Festival Secretary of any loss or damage:

PLEASE NOTE that the rules of the Festival state:

  1. Cups and trophies should be returned in a good and clean condition.
  2. Cups and trophies returned by post should be extremely well packed, as damage caused in transit will be invoiced to the sender.
  3. Cups and trophies which are damaged during the period of tenure by the winner will be invoiced for repair to that winner.
  4. The Cups and trophies belong to the PMF and are only on loan to each winner.  Please look after them as they represent part of the history of this Festival.
  5. It is the responsibility of the signatory (or his/her parent/guardian) to suitably insure the cup/trophy while it is in their possession.
  6. Holders may, at their own expense, have their name engraved on the plinth or shield only, not on the cup or trophy itself.  If in any doubt, please consult the Festival Secretary.