Club 90

The following performers are to be congratulated on achieving Honours (90 marks or more) for their performances in 2020

Brass: Jane Brydon, Erik Hillman

Dance: Elise Brunnen, Jessica Fitt, Isabella Moon, Gemma Hallam, Xantha Knott, Keira Best, Laura Marsh, Libby Price, Zoe Elliott, Zoe Hartley, Raela-Belle Farndell, Sophie Parris, Evelyn Tagg, Timestep Academy of Dance, Gemma Hallam, Mia Balducci, Muty Anibaba, Tenisha Lawrance

Piano: Ziyue Pang, Leqi Song, Michael Tao, Michelle Yang, Xinran Xu, Ying Zhang, Katie Zhao

Rock & Pop: Sky Duffy

Speech & Drama: Grace Falcon-Paterson, Maya Flint

Strings: Isabelle Stevens

Woodwind: Victoria Churcher, Emmeline Hensel, Aelfred Hillman, Sophie Osborne, Anna Prince