Club 90

The following performers are to be congratulated on achieving Honours (90 marks or more) for their performances in 2019

Brass: Erik Hillman, Berry Johnson, Elias Simojoki, Ben Steggall, Brassy Ladies, Denmead Training Band, Johnson Trio

Dance: Tara Holland, Sophie Parris, Evelyn Tagg, Sally Johnson Academy of Dance

Guitar: Thomas Nash

Piano: Jimmy Alderson, Ghin Sheng Choi, Thomas Luke, Sophie Meng, Tim Morris, Wilson Tang, Oliver Yang, Ting Xuan Yu, Gilly Slot & Tim Morris, Mark Zarb-Adami & Fiona Willsher

Recorder: Alyssa Mantel-Cooper

Rock & Pop: Sky Duffy, Jasmine Ryan

Speech & Drama: Darcey Livesey Austin, Megan Banks, Elise Donoghue, Isabel Doyle, Eleanor Duffy, Grace Falcon-Paterson, Katie Ferris, Monty Hawkins, Amber Hearn, David Hennem, Lilly Hunter, R D Kelly, Bonnie Long, Matilda Nichols, Joseph Stevens, Paige Wilkes, Sienna Wilkes, Acting Up, Tadaa

Strings: Sasha Ng & Yasmin Ng, Isabelle Stevens, Kai Hon Tang, Hayling Island Youth Orchestra, Stanbery Junior Cellos

Vocal: Emma Butler-Hume, Hope Hillier-Smith, Ruby Hughes-Barnes, Habina Seo, Paul Stevens, Paul Moroney & Declan Robertson

Woodwind: Victoria Churcher, Jessica Clay, Aelfred Hillman, Sophie Osborne