A Message from the Chair

Dear Performers, Teachers, Parents and Friends,

Welcome to the 2020 Portsmouth Music Festival Syllabus. The range and variety of classes on offer is as wide and exciting as ever and Iā€™m sure you will find some new ideas to pursue as well some of your favourites.

Our website has been updated and I hope that you enjoy what it has to offer. You can view and download information about the Festival, including the Syllabus and the entry forms, as well as submitting entries (Music and Speech and Drama sections only) and paying for them online.

Kathryn Hillman has resigned as Section Head for Recorder and Woodwind. We offer her our sincere thanks for all her hard work and wish her all the best for the future. I am delighted to welcome Tony Smart as Section Head for Recorder and Woodwind, Jane Elms and her team as Section Heads for Brass, Rachael Osborne as Media and Communications Co-ordinator, Ian Bamborough as joint head of the Speech & Drama section and Jo Crane, who will be taking over as Secretary to the Friends.

The entry fee system for Music and Speech and Drama has been revised. Most of our costs are time related (adjudicator fees, venue hire) and the fees now reflect this. Fee codes for each class can be found in the syllabus. If you have any constructive feedback regarding the new system we will be pleased to hear from you.

I look forward to seeing you at the Festival.

Best wishes,

Sandra Lawlor
Chair of Portsmouth Music Festival Committee