2020 gallery

Below are a selection of photographs taken during the 2020 Portsmouth Music Festival. You will see that there is a wide range of participants who took part!

Talitha Monaghan who won the Mona Trophy
Padnell Junior School Choir who were presented with the Wendy Kingsbury Cup.
They are pictured with Trina Gray, the daughter of Wendy Kingsbury.
Deola Rounds with the Ivy Cup
Mia Lintott being presented with the Huntley Cup
Declan Robertson and Paul Moroney who were awarded the Bernard Toms Cup. Declan and Paul also took part in the 2019 Gala Concert
Kerry Hiller who was presented the Florence Greaves Recital Cup
Paul Stevens with the Lynne Clarke Memorial Cup

Above are a selection of photos from the 2020 Vocal section and their adjudicator Belinda Mikhail

Our guitar section held their Portsmouth Music Festival classes earlier this month at the Park Community School.

The Denmead Training Band won the Solent Youth Concert Band Trophy No. 2. Their MD, Sarah Smith, is holding the trophy. They gained a distinction for this performance, as did Denmead Brass and Alder Valley Brass in their classes.

Pictured above are Horace and Ottilie Keohane who won the 12 and under Duet Cup. They performed in the Duets Grades 1-2 class. This is their first experience of a music festival.

Congratulations to Persephone Johnson who won the Classical music, any period, Grades 3-4 section by performing Winter by Vivaldi.  As a result she received the Brickwood Challenge Trophy. 

Persephone also won the unaccompanied Grades 3-4 section with a distinction by playing Blues for Big Ears byNightingale and was awarded The Fernhill Cup. 

Finally Persephone was presented with the Biscoes Solicitors Cup for her performance of If I Were a Rich Man by Topol, again with a distinction.

Pictured with Persephone is Thomas Firth who won The Easton Cup.

Thomas’ music choices were popular with the audience, particularly Always Look on the Bright Side of Life. Some were singing along quietly, including the adjudicator who said he couldn’t help himself and was bopping along to the tune! Congratulations to Thomas on his excellent performances.

Monty Johnson won both The Roberts Cup and The Treasurer’s Cup.   Monty played Joot Hoot by Nightingale to win The Roberts Cup.

All of our young performers are pictured with the Brass adjudicator for 2020, Chris King.

Michael Tao won the Classical grade 8 class with a movement from a Mozart sonata; he was also awarded a Distinction in his Recital class with pieces by Mendelssohn and Poulenc. He was presented with the Margaret Jewell Memorial Trophy for the most promising young pianist.

Leqi Song won the trophy for her recital class, music by Chaminade and Debussy and the Sonata class, both with Distinction. She was also presented with the Clifford Benson Junior Trophy.

Together they won a duet class with Honours for a performance of a Hungarian Dance by Brahms.

They are pictured here with the Piano adjudicator, Timothy Barratt.

Cecily Hadwin, Ella Swete and Patrick Hoolahan enjoyed playing a piano trio together.

Xinran Xu played The Entertainer by Scott Joplin for which she gained Honours.

Zosia Pilsworth showed her musical talent by playing music on both piano and violin in the Piano Plus class for which she was awarded a Distinction.

Mother and daughter, Marjorie Smale and Christine Limb won the duet class with music by Rachmaninov and Debussy.

Congratulations to Sophie Osborne on winning the Sarah Braithwaite Cup and for receiving an honours for her performance on the clarinet.

Sophie played the 2nd and 3rd movements of Weber’s Clarinet Concerto No 2 in the Concerto, Diploma section on Saturday 15th, February 2020.

Sophie has performed at the Portsmouth Music Festival every year for the last 12 years! In her first PMF performance, on 18th February 2008, Sophie was awarded Highly Commended in the Novice (12 and under) section.

Congratulations to Priscilla Ho on winning the Warfield No.2 Cup for her performance on the harp.

Priscilla played Chaconne by Jeremiah Clarke in the Grade 2-3 section on Saturday, 8th February 2020.