Welcome to the Portsmouth Music Festival

Entries for 2022 FestivalNew Closing Date – 28th November!

Thank you to all those who have already sent in their entry for the 2022 Festival!

The closing date for all music sections and Speech and Drama is now 28th November. We are looking forward to receiving your entries! You can download an entry form and send it to the relevant Section Head or enter online. All the details can be found on this website.


We are in urgent need of volunteers for a number of roles. The Festival is at a critical stage and we cannot guarantee that we will be able to continue running all sections after 2022 if more help is not forthcoming. If you, or someone you know, is interested in helping and ensuring that the Festival continues to run please contact us using the form on the website. Thank you.

Each Spring, performers from different art disciplines, showcase their talents in front of an adjudicator.  

Every year we offer Special Opportunities and those chosen are invited to take part in the events which are designed to develop musicianship, performance skills and to widen experience.

The Portsmouth Music Festival also have “Club 90“.  Club 90 are performers who have excelled in their performance by achieving Honours. Congratulations to all of them.  They are all an inspiration everyone taking part in the festival.

More details on the Portsmouth Music Festival, including a message from our Chair, can be found under About,  which is located on the menu banner.

Our winners from 2019!

Sophie Osborne was the winner of the Portsmouth Festivities Recital Prize.  Sophie performed Weber’s Clarinet Concerto No.2, 1st movement.  Sophie’s recital will be held when COVID-19 guidelines allow.  More details will be published when we have them.

Thomas Luke won the Solent Symphony Orchestra Concerto Prize and he performed Prelude in G Minor Op. 23, No.5 by Rachmaninov.  Thomas’ Concerto, Liszt’s Piano Concerto No. 1, will be performed with the Solent Symphony Orchestra when COVID-19 guidelines allow.  Details will be published when we have them.

Thomas Nash was awarded the Portsmouth Music Festival Chairman’s Cup.  Thomas played Sons De Carilhoes by Joao Pernambuco.

Sophie Osborne
Thomas Luke
Thomas Nash