Free programme and free entry to the Festival when you become our Friend!

This is a much appreciated way of helping to ensure the continuation of this community Festival through giving either an annual subscription/donation or by committing time to help while the Festival is running.
Becoming a Friend of the Festival is a great way of supporting the performing arts in the Portsmouth area.
We have two levels of subscription; Friend and Working Friend.
The Working Friend category is very important as these Friends help in the actual running of the Festival by offering practical support.
Your subscription gets you:
- a free programme for the 2019 Festival
- free entry to the Speech & Drama Section and any music section
- half-price season ticket to the Dance Section (FREE if you are Working Friend)
- two half-price tickets to the Gala Concert
- AGM voting rights
For more information and a Friend's application form, please contact the Friends' Secretary: or complete the form which can be found here.
Recommended minimum donations for 2018-19 are:
Single 20.00 / Senior Citizen 15
Couple (under 60) 30.00 / Couple (over 60) 22.50

Working Friend:
Single 3.00 plus three days of your time to help during the Festival