Submitting your entry

If you prefer, we are able to accept entries by e-mail to the individual Head of Section. Please complete the Entry Form here. This is a MSWord document in which you can type into the boxes and save as a new document. I would suggest you save it as 'YourInitial_Surname'.doc. Please then e-mail it to the Head of Section whose e-mail address can be found below.
Please replace the "a" with @. Blame it on Monty Python - SPAM, SPAM and more SPAM!!
NOTE We cannot accept Dance entries by email.
Your payment can be made by bank transfer to Sort Code 54-30-11 Account No. 01602632.
Please ensure you include your Initial and Surname, and Section entered, in the reference, and send an email to our Treasurer advising him of the payment and for which section. Also please add 2 to your entry fees to pay for the envelope and postage of your Entry Cards.
You can, of course, post your completed form to the Head of Section, together with the A5 SAE and cheque for payment.
The address of the Head of Section can be found at the top of the relevant Syllabus page.
Please ensure you complete the form accurately as the information provided will be directly transferred to the Certificates and the Programme.
Head of Brass - Sandra Lawlor - brass at
Head of Choral - Jackie Mumford - choral at
Head of Guitar - Arne Brattland - guitar at
Head of Piano - Carol Frogley - piano at
Head of Recorders - Sandra Lawlor - recorder at
Head of Rock & Pop - Claire Blundell - rockpop at
Head of Speech & Drama - Phil Pennington - speech at
Head of Strings - Angela Kinsey - strings at
Head of Vocal - Gwenda Dearsley - vocal at
Head of Woodwind - Sandra Lawlor - woodwind at