Your 2018-19 Committee
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Sandra Lawlor
91cha_ir45 at
Catherine Lawlor
sec_retary at
Vice Chairman
Gwenda Dearsley
vicechair at
Ian Frogley
treasurer at
Head of Brass
Sandra Lawlor
brass at
Head of Choral
Jackie Mumford
choral at
Head of Dance
Wendy Lane
dance at
Head of Guitar
Arne Brattland
guitar at
Head of Piano
Carol Frogley
piano at
Head of Recorders
Kathryn Hillman
recorder at
Head of Rock & Pop
Claire Blundell
rockpop at
Head of Speech & Drama
Pat Bamborough
speech at
Head of Strings
Catherine Ward
strings at
Head of Vocal
Gwenda Dearsley
vocal at
Head of Woodwind
Kathryn Hillman
woodwind at
Friends Secretary
Catherine Lawlor
friends at
Catherine Lawlor
adverts at
Ian Frogley
webmaster at

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