"CLUB 90"

The following performers are to be congratulated
on achieving Honours (90 marks or more)
for their performances in 2017

Brass - James Adie, Edmund Harry, HCSC2, Berry Johnson, Owen Russell, Elias Simojoki, Ben Steggall.
Choral - Bosmere Junior School Choir, Impromptu.
Piano - Thomas Luke, Ziyue Pang.
Rock and Pop - Ehssan Benyahya, Sky Duffy, Evie Needham, Wait For It.
Speech & Drama - Grace Campbell & Ewan Wharton, Charlotte Dixon, Elise Donoghue,Katie Edwards, Jean-Mickael Hopkinson, Isabella Parsons.
Strings - Daniel Simojoki, Alexander Smith.
Vocal - Darren Alderton, Bobby Ayres, Lucy Baker, Paige Brooker, Jess Fitzjohn, Hope Esme Hillier, Aelfred Hillman, Cate Kelly, Amelia Luter, Amelie Morris, Melanie Yates.
Woodwind - Aelfred Hillman, Sophie Osborne, Emma Pearce.